Somethings you just have to live with.

It has been three weeks that I am watching DC Comic series “the flash”. No doubt it is a TV series full of entertainment but there is a lot to learn from the people who surrounds Barry Allen and teach him how to control himself emotionally, logically and systematically. Simply how to see things and Read More →

zen poems

Chinese poems are the reflection of Budhist education. This poem is taken from book Zen Poems and written by Yang Wanli during 12th century. I really loved the poem as it is full of spirit. These days no one is going to listen you, even will treat harshly if someone is annoyed of your talking, Read More →

road is long

Recently I have been feeling very tired, don’t know why. I know life is the name of ups and downs and everything has its own advantages and disadvantages but sometimes it really becoems hard to breath. Today, I re-titled my blog. I like the new name “Cerulean” as I love October’s cerulean weather very much. Read More →

Loveliness of hometown

Loveliness of hometown: Far away from home, I often miss that place of childhood but it is the life circle where we have to leave one nest to shape another nest. This is the way, one knows how to build the world around oneself. I liked words of Douglass Cross and titled the poem as Read More →