Momal Rano – An Artistic Representation of Shah Latif’s Poetry


Momal Rano is a Sindhi Orthodox story, a folktale popular in Sindh province of Pakistan. Sufi Poet Shah Abdul Latif has written a series of poems about the love of Momal Rano (Rana in Urdu) and his book contains a complete chapter about the tale. Shah Abdul Latif is considered as “Rumi of Sindhi Sufism”. … Continue reading Momal Rano – An Artistic Representation of Shah Latif’s Poetry


Somethings you just have to live with.

It has been three weeks that I am watching DC Comic series “the flash”. No doubt it is a TV series full of entertainment but there is a lot to learn from the people who surrounds Barry Allen and teach him how to control himself emotionally, logically and systematically. Simply how to see things and … Continue reading Somethings!!!

Road Is Long…

road is long

Recently I have been feeling very tired, don’t know why. I know life is the name of ups and downs and everything has its own advantages and disadvantages but sometimes it really becoems hard to breath. Today, I re-titled my blog. I like the new name “Cerulean” as I love October’s cerulean weather very much. … Continue reading Road Is Long…